Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series

 Triathlon Series

The crew at the Virginia-Maryland Triathlon Series has been with us since the very beginning of the Warrior Tri Team.  Greg Hawkins and his INCREDIBLE coworkers put on tremendous events all over….you guessed it….Virginia and Maryland.  Greg was so stoked about our cause that he even has the SOWF as a named charity for a bunch of races so we totally tricked him into giving us a bunch of money.  The rest of the staff at VMTS simply know how to put on a top notch race.  They run 30+ events now across the 2 states and when they aren’t running races they are trying to keep up with their kids or competing in a races themselves.  Here’s a pic of Greg and his super cute family…he definitely outkicked his coverage!


So if you are in the Va/Md area and you HAVE to do one of Greg’s races.  If you don’t, the Warrior Tri Team will find you and make you do them…because the races are awesome and we are convincing…Wait until you meet Rachel!!

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